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WNM 3 Day Retreat: 

Safety – Each person Must submit a negative Covid test within 3 days prior of arrival. They must also take a rapid COVID test upon arrival. 

Each person must sign a waiver.
COVID-19 Liability Waiver

Release of Liability

Rooms: Each person will have their own room.

3 Days (Friday to Monday)

Check-in for retreat will be Friday at 11:00am (Do Not Eat food, water only before check-in)

  • No food while on retreat 
  • 10 people per house 
  • Only Revenge Cleanse and Water 
  • Workouts Daily
  • 3 workouts a day, Each person pick which workouts they would like to attend

*** All Workouts are optional. But we HIGHLY recommend working out daily, because that’s how you will maximize your results 

$1500 per person
$2500 per couple or 2 people share room

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